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What does AGRITOUR do?
• Designs and organises individual tours to suit your specific interests: from visits to research establishments, agribusiness, forests, all types of farms; to complete programmes lasting several weeks and including accommodation, transport, sightseeing and meals.

• Provides specialist agricultural escorts and tour guides by the hour, the day, or the week. Experienced and knowledgeable AGRITOUR escorts accompany all groups. If it's anything to do with farming, horticultural or forestry - we can help.

• Typically tours include both North and South Islands, concentrate on low-cost animal production on pasture, emphasise a major interest such as dairying, sheep, fibre goats, beef, agro-forestry etc but include other types of farms, and make time for sightseeing.

• Arranges overseas tour programmes for New Zealand farmers to study farming methods and marketing, including international trading agreements. These technical study tours are tax deductible for full-time farmers.

What AGRITOUR Offers You
• Agricultural expertise

• Financial integrity

• Excellence in tour organisation

• Memorable and satisfying experiences

AGRITOUR provides custom-designed tours for :

· Official, government-sponsored groups
· Farmers’ groups
· University study groups
· Individuals and small groups
· Scientists, advisers, technicians
· Holiday makers with special interests
· New Zealand farmers

You can stay in :

· Hotels
· Motels
· University hostels
· Farm houses (farmstay)

A number of nights maybe spent in the comfortable houses of farming families. For many overseas visitors this is a highlight of their tour.

A G R I T O U R   lets YOU choose from:
· Sheep farming · Beef production
· Deer production · Agricultural economics
· Research into dairying, meat, wool, animal production · Vegetable crops such as asparagus, onions, potatoes etc.
· Animal breeding, artificial breeding systems · Farming without subsidies
· Specific animal breeds · Pasture-based animal production research
· Pasture management · Farmstay tours
· Forestry, forest management and forest research · Fishing industry
· Kiwifruit production · Garden tours and gardening experts
· Apples, pears · Conservation, resource management
· Nashi, melon, persimmon, kiwano production · Agricultural waste control and disposal
· Dairy factories, meat packing houses, and other agricultural processing factories · Access to key research stations, government departments and officials
· Technical experts in agricultural research, farming, horticulture, advisory services

With AGRITOUR you will meet:
  • Practical Farmers
  • Farm Advisers
  • Consultants
  • Scientists
  • Lecturers
  • Politicians
  • Senior Civil Servants
  • Executives
  • Company Managers
  • Agribusiness Staff
Flexible AGRITOUR group sizes
Agritour will happily design a programme for a large group, small group, or for one person - but, the cost per person is substantially reduced in larger groups.

AGRITOUR can also help You :

· Fish, swim, ski, hunt, glide, jet boat, raft, etc.

· Relax in tourist resorts

· Visit any of New Zealand’s many tourist attractions

· Travel to and from New Zealand

AGRITOUR has experienced tour leaders who are trained agriculturists with a wide knowledge of New Zealand and overseas agriculture.

AGRITOUR can provide skilled technical interpreters when required.

AGRITOUR Associates Ltd is an associate member of the Travel Agents Association of New Zealand, and a limited liability company established in 1984.

    For more information on what custom services AGRITOUR can offer you, contact us today.

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